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Child Abuse In Montgomery County | Mission Kids

Child Abuse In Montgomery County

Montgomery County is the third largest County in Pennsylvania with approximately 800,000 residents. Our communities are economically and culturally diverse and include long established residential neighborhoods, farmlands and urban areas. Mission Kids provides services to match our County’s diverse population, including non-English speaking residents and individuals with disabilities.

There is no corner of our county untouched by child abuse, including allegations of sexual abuse or exploitation and serious physical abuse. These cases cut across all geographic, economic, racial, and ethnic boundaries in Montgomery County and is a silent epidemic.


In 2013, Mission Kids served almost 450 children. Of those cases:

  • 70% were females, 30 % were males
  • 98% of the Offenders were known to the Child 
  • 55% of offenders were a family member, including Parents, Stepparents, Grandparents, Siblings, and Extended Family Members. 
  • The Offender was an Unknown Person / Stranger in only 2% of the cases.
  • Ages of the children served:
    • 22% were 2 to 6 years old
    • 38% were 7 to 12 years old
    • 40% were 13 to 17 years old



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