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What is the impact of child abuse on children? Written by Gillian Blair, Ph.D.


  • Possible immediate impact on child:
    • Interruption of emotional, behavioral and social functioning
    • Increased aggression
    • Developmentally inappropriate sexual behaviors, knowledge, etc
    • Increased anxiety
    • Depressed or irritable mood, even suicidality in extreme cases
    • Social withdrawal
    • Reduced concentration, deteriorating grades


  • Possible long-term consequences:
    • Delinquency
    • Promiscuity
    • School failure
    • Substance Abuse
    • Difficulty forming and maintaining intimate relationships
    • Risk of perpetuating a cycle of abuse

  • What can I do as a parent to prevent child abuse?


  • What are my requirements as a mandated reporter?
    • In Pennsylvania, if you are a mandated reporter and have “reasonable cause to suspect" a child is being abused or neglected you must report that suspicion to law enforcement or child welfare professionals—and you are required by law to do it immediately.
    • Pennsylvania Code for Mandated Reporters 

    • Prevent Child Abuse PA: For Mandated Reporters 

    • Do not attempt to conduct your own investigation. Report your suspicions to the proper authorities. It is the role of the Office of Children and Youth and local law enforcement officials to investigate the report.





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