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Wish List | Mission Kids

Wish List


We are often asked if we accept donations at Mission Kids and the answer is "yes"!  

This is a list of the items that are most needed.  

  1. Paper plates, cups and utensils
  2. Gently Used Books for both older and younger children
  3. Juice Boxes
  4. Small individual bottled water
  5. Individually Wrapped Healthy Snacks
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Sanitizing Wipes
  8. Gift Cards for local supermarkets, to support team and client meetings.



Gift Cards can be mailed to PO Box 413, Bluebell PA 19422.  Please call 484-687-2990 to arrange delivery of other items.

Thank you so much for considering donating to Mission Kids!

PO Box 413 • Blue Bell, PA • 19422 • 484-687-2990 •

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