Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center has been a pioneer for child abuse prevention over the past 10 years, spearheading the multidisciplinary team approach to serve almost 5,000 children to date.
A well-established and respected child advocacy center at the local, state and national levels, Mission Kids is now increasingly operating on the international stage in a number of capacities.

Current International Efforts:
• Building a Bridge with the South African ‘Women Lead Movement’ NGO
• Cross-Cultural Research Project with Hebrew University in Jerusalem
• Bringing the MDT Approach to the Bambino Life Foundation in Uganda*
• Member of United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs NGO Branch
• Speaking Engagements in The Hague, Netherlands & Prague, Czech Republic

Working internationally allows Mission Kids to expand its reach and child abuse prevention efforts, helping others make an impact in their own communities.

However, the benefits of these overseas partnerships can also be felt at home as lessons learned abroad can be applied to our own community. Issues such as sibling sex abuse, female genital mutilation, and sex trafficking are commonly considered foreign problems. As a result, there is a troublesome lack of domestic experience regarding these scenarios and organizations are typically ill equipped to recognize and adequately handle occurrences here in the US.

By working with international allies that have more exposure to and experience in dealing with these issues, Mission Kids has started to bridge the information gap by bringing our expertise to other countries while taking home lessons from our partners to address these problems in our own communities.

Our goal at Mission Kids is to achieve healing and justice for victims of child abuse.

Reaching out beyond our local boundaries and working with international partners benefits everyone, especially the victims we serve.

When we go global, we impact local.

Abbie Newman, R.N., J.D.
CEO of Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center

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Email: anewman@missionkidscac.org

Phone: 484-687-2990 ext. 1017

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