Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Bechtel Family for the loss of Raymond Bechtel Jr.

Chief Bechtel dedicated his life to helping others, especially children. He spent the majority of his police career working on child abuse investigations and sex offenses. His life story is one of total commitment to serving others, not only in his profession, but also in his church and home life. His dedication and passion to helping children lives on in his son, Detective Sgt. Ray Bechtel of Upper Providence Police Department, an invaluable member of the Mission Kids Multidisciplinary Investigative Team.

Thank you Chief Ray Bechtel for not only helping child victims of abuse but for creating a legacy of giving back to the community in your family. We are truly blessed to have the Bechtel Family in our Mission Kids Community.

For more information about the life and legacy of Ray Bechtel Jr. Click here.

Published by

Michelle Mockus

14 Sep 2015