Pennsylvania will offer a “Safe Harbor” for Minor Victims of Human Trafficking

Child victims of human trafficking in Pennsylvania will now find “safe harbor” from prosecution for crimes they were forced to commit by their traffickers, thanks to Senator Greenleaf and other legislators and child advocates who emphasized the importance of this issue.

“Many of these victims suffer from a litany of psychological issues that require understanding, compassion and treatment; not prosecution and further victimization,” said Senator Greenleaf.

Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center has been facilitating a team response to victims of child sex abuse for nearly a decade and has been working with partner agencies to develop policies for dealing with this very special group of victims in Montgomery County. Mission Kids is leading a coalition of collaborative agencies to create replicable policies and procedures to identify, investigate and support victims of sex trafficking, both children and adults across PA, and developing a curriculum for prevention.

“It’s not limited to some foreign country. It’s right here in our back yard,” said Senator Greenleaf.

The “Safe Harbor” Bill is expected to be signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf.

For more information about Senate Bill 554, please click here.


Published by

Michelle McDyre

18 Oct 2018