Join us on Saturday, May 16th at 11:00am
for a Live ROAR lesson!

Our Prevention Education Manager, Michelle McDyre, will be teaching our ROAR Lesson for kids ages 4-8
on Facebook Live.

We use the ROAR program to teach young kids that their bodies are their own, that they should never keep secrets that make them feel sad or scared, and to identify trusted adults they can always go to for help.

ROAR is an interactive and fun way to teach the children in your life how to protect their bodies and stand up against abuse.

We’d love to be part of your distance learning plan next weekend!

We hope you’ll join us and share this special program with your friends, family and students.

Let’s ROAR – from a distance! Tune in Saturday, May 16th!

ROAR Resources

for kids & caregivers

  •  Make sure you print out our tip sheet with important reminders for caregivers & kids! This will help you talk to your child about body safety!
    Click here to download: ROAR – Resource Sheet


  • Be sure to print out your child’s ROAR Badge to color in and show off with pride!
    Click here to download: ROAR Badge


  •  Following the lesson, have your child color their “I Can ROAR!” Coloring Sheet and display it proudly in the home!
    Click here to download: “I Can ROAR” Coloring Sheet


For more information, please contact Michelle McDyre:


Phone: 484-687-2990 ext. 1016