A day or two before the interview, we encourage you to talk to your child about what you’ll be doing at Mission Kids. Ideally, you want to give your child a little time before your visit to avoid concern or surprise, but not so much time that he or she worries too much. To make things a little easier, we recommend the following:

Introduce the Role of the Forensic Interviewer

Tell your child that there will be a meeting with someone whose job it is to talk to children who have experienced similar situations. This person is called a Forensic Interviewer and can be trusted with very personal and difficult things. Let your child know that there is no need to worry; Mission Kids always places the well-being of a child first.

Tell Your Child That It Is Okay to Talk

You can promote open and honest communication by reassuring your child that it’s perfectly fine to answer the Interviewer’s questions. Saying things like, “It’s okay to tell the Interviewer what you told me,” can go a long way.

Reinforce Love and Support

Remind your child of your love and never ending support for them. Reinforce this message and give your child confidence and assurance. It will give them extra support as well as help make the interview process easier.

Download our Caregiver Handbook for more information. 

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