The new surroundings plus new faces can make your child’s visit to Mission Kids an overwhelming experience. For that reason, we aim to make the visit, our offices and the process as child- friendly as possible while our multidisciplinary team does its job.

Here are some things you and your child can expect on Interview Day:

When You Arrive

When you and your child arrive, you’ll enter into a warm and safe environment and be seated in our waiting room specially designed for children of all ages. Our waiting room is complete with fun activities like toys, books, a TV and magazinez. It’s a comfortable environment that your child can enjoy.

The Interviewer

When meeting with a Mission Kid’s Interviewer, your child will be sitting down with someone who is warm and specially trained to be sensitive to the many emotions children may feel. An Interviewer will listen actively, ask non-leading questions and will respond to your child in an age-appropriate manner. We want to make your child feels safe during an interview. This will make the process easier as well as encourage open and honest discussion.

After the Interview

When the interview is over, the Interviewer will escort your child back to you in the waiting room. After a few minutes, you will have an opportunity to meet with team members to ask any questions and raise any concerns. The Family Advocate will be with you during this meeting and discuss any needed medical or counseling referrals.