After the interview is completed, the Interviewer will return your child to the waiting room. The team will meet to discuss follow-up suggestions. After that, you will have an opportunity to meet with some team members to ask any questions and raise any concerns. The Family Advocate will be with you during this meeting and discuss any needed medical or counseling referrals.

The Role of the Family Advocate

After your visit to Mission Kids, the same Family Advocate you spoke to during your child’s interview will follow up with you in a few days. Generally, a Family Advocate stays involved with your case for as long as needed, checking in and being available to both you and your child. Family Advocates aid the healing process by providing support, information, referral services, victim’s compensation assistance, court support and other assistance when needed.


Read more about Missions Kids’ Family Advocacy Programs and their role in the healing process.
Download the Family Information Guide

Download our Caregiver Handbook for more information. 



Missions Kids strives to continuously improve our services to families. In order to do this, we conduct a brief survey at the end of your visit and then a follow up survey approximately 6 weeks after your visit. Your feedback is essential to our ability to provide superior care.  All responses are confidential. If you declined the option to respond to the initial and follow up surveys, but would now like to provide feedback, please do so using this email address: