At Mission Kids, our mission to foster healing and achieve justice serves a range of ages, from young children to older teenagers. Because sexual abuse can happen to anyone, we take the time to recognize how each age group is affected differently. Keeping this in mind allows us to provide an easier process—centered around justice and hope—for teenagers and families.

Here are some things you and your teenager can expect on Interview Day:

When You Arrive

When you and your teenager step inside, you’ll enter a safe and welcoming environment and be seated in our waiting room specially designed to make you both feel secure. We have a specially-designed waiting room area for teens filled with magazines, games, book, and snacks. When ready, the Interviewer will step out to introduce themselves to you both and then bring only your teen to the interview room. We will ask that you remain in the waiting area for the duration. When the interview is over, the Interviewer will escort your teen back to you.

The Interview

The interview will take place in a private room, specifically designed with a teenager’s needs in mind. An Interviewer is someone who is specially trained in both protocol as well as responding to the many emotions teenagers may have. He or she will speak to your teen. They will listen actively, ask non-leading questions and will respond in an age-appropriate manner. We want to make your teenager feel safe during an interview. This will make the process easier as well as encourage open and honest discussion.

Meet Our Team 

After the Interview

Once the interview is over, the Interviewer will escort your teen back to you in the waiting room. After a few minutes, you will have an opportunity to meet with team members to ask any questions and raise any concerns. The Family Advocate will be with you during this meeting and discuss any needed medical or counseling referrals.