Outreach & Development Manager

Michelle McDyre graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Legal Studies and a minor in Sociology before working at the Montgomery District Attorney’s Office. Michelle joined the Mission Kids team in 2015 as the Case Coordinator, and then moved on to spend her days as a full-time Family Advocate, where she provided support and advocacy for families as they dealt child abuse and to helped them on their path toward healing. In November 2017, Michelle took on a new role and joined the Development Department at Mission Kids. In November 2018, Michelle earned her Certification as a Professional Fundraiser through Villanova University’s College of Professional Studies. As the Outreach & Development Manager, Michelle is responsible for fundraising, event management, and community outreach through various events, community presentations, and is responsible for Mission Kids’ social media presence. Michelle thrives on the opportunity to share the story of Mission Kids’ impact on the lives of abused and neglected children in our community and finding ways to connect potential supporters to our mission, or to express to an existing supporter how their patronage has made an impact. Michelle’s favorite part of her job is getting out into the community and connecting with new people to educate them about the dynamics of child abuse, and see how we can best work together to make our community better!


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