Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every April, Mission Kids celebrates National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“Celebrate” may seem like a strong word for a difficult topic, but when communities come together to believe and support our children and keep them out of harm’s way, we believe it should feel like a celebration.




There are several ways you can get involved throughout the month of April to help keep kids safe and prevent child abuse.


As an individual, you can…

As an organization, you can…


This April, Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center has ‘planted’ pinwheels at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP’s) King of Prussia Campus to recognize National Child Abuse Prevention Month and to draw attention the work that Mission Kids’ staff and partner agencies do every day to support child victims of abuse and their families in Montgomery County. A symbol of childhood, the pinwheel represents what every child should have—the chance to laugh and play, without the fear of physical or sexual abuse.
By displaying pinwheels, Mission Kids joins with more than 40 local Children’s Advocacy Centers across the state to draw attention to the importance of providing children with safe, healthy environments. The pinwheels also send the message that children who have experienced abuse can still experience the joy of childhood; with the intervention and support that Children’s Advocacy Centers provide, child victims can heal from trauma. In 2021, Mission Kids served 1,026 suspected victims of child abuse and their families by providing a collaborative team response to cases involving suspected abuse. Bringing together law enforcement, child protective services, medical professionals, and trauma therapists, Mission Kids intervenes to stop abuse and ensure that victims and caregivers are connected to the support and resources they need to begin the healing process.
“Every one of those pinwheels represents a real child,” says Leslie Slingsby, Executive Director of Mission Kids. “The pinwheels spinning joyfully and free are the perfect image of what a child’s life should be. Mission Kids will bring attention to the number of children we serve using the ultimate childhood symbol of the pinwheel.”