Beyond the Curriculum



Mission Kids presents a comprehensive 2-hour training to help educators understand Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) & Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and how they can recognize and respond appropriately to students who may be vulnerable to these crimes.

  • Participants will learn the definition of “sex trafficking,” “commercial sexual exploitation of children,” and “child sexual abuse materials.” Participants will gain an understanding of the federal and PA state laws in place related to the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.​
  • Participants will examine the vulnerabilities and risk factors that make a child more susceptible to being commercially sexually exploited (CSE). School personnel will also learn to identify the red flags and indicators of CSE that children may present in the school setting.​
  • By understanding the methods of recruitment and conditioning used by exploiters and traffickers, participants will be able to better comprehend and respond to the complex trauma experienced by child victims.​
  • Participants will learn to engage with child victims in a trauma-informed manner. School personnel will learn the appropriate steps to take if they suspect CSE and what resources they can utilize to best support the child.
Schools have a unique opportunity to identify warning signs, provide prevention education, promote a safe and supportive environment, and offer a trauma-informed and compassionate response to victims.
From classroom teachers, to school counselors, to administrators and school support staff, it’s vital that every school employee confronts the truth about CSEC and commits to keeping kids safe.

Contact Michelle McDyre, Mission Kids’ Prevention Education and Outreach Manager, to learn more about this presentation and to schedule your training.


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