Global Leadership

Abbie Newman, R.N., J.D., CEO

Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center has been a pioneer for child abuse prevention since 2008, spearheading the multidisciplinary team approach to serve over 6,000 children to date.

A well-established and respected child advocacy center at the local, state and national levels, Mission Kids also operates on the international stage in a number of capacities including:

  • Research projects with The Haruv Institute at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel
  • Publications in international journals on child sexual abuse prevention and responses
  • Member of the Distinguished Advisory Committee of the International Society for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)
  • Producing international webinars on responding to child abuse and the effects on children living in situations of domestic violence in Uganda
  • Invitational speaking engagements at international conferences including locations in The Hague, The Netherlands; Prague, Czech Republic; Milan, Italy; Quebec City, Canada; Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire; and the National Children’s Advocacy Center in Huntsville, AL
  • Hosting international interns and visitors to share knowledge, experiences, and the Mission Kids CAC response
  • Collaborating with NGOs in Uganda and South Africa

Working internationally allows Mission Kids to expand its reach and child abuse prevention efforts, helping others make an impact in their own communities. Concurrently, the benefits of these worldwide partnerships are realized as lessons learned abroad are applied closer to home.

Issues such as sibling sex abuse, female genital mutilation, and commercial sexual exploitation of children — commonly and incorrectly assumed to be foreign problems — exist here in Montgomery County, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the United States. Working closely with and learning from our international partners empowers Mission Kids’ drive to continuously reassess, hone, and implement the most effective team responses for our own children and families locally. What better way exists than by respecting and learning from other cultures, and strengthening ties to the global community in which we live?

Our goal at Mission Kids is to achieve healing and justice for victims of child abuse.
Reaching beyond local borders and working with international partners benefits our global community and the victims we serve at home.