How We Can Help

Our mission is to achieve healing and justice for victims of child abuse. Offering a local, comprehensive, multidisciplinary team, we respond to allegations of child abuse with a dedicated, yet highly sensitive approach. We provide non-leading, fact-finding forensic interviews in a familiar, warm setting, avoiding having the victim tell …

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When You Visit

Mission Kids understands how sensitive and highly complex each case is. Our goal is to best assist your family and make the investigation process as easy as possible. We’ve listed what to expect upon arrival, details on the interviewing phase, which services are available to you and information on medical and/or therapeutic referrals. For directions, click here.

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Meet Our Team

Our team believes in triumph over trauma. Made up of highly experienced, local professionals, Mission Kids’ Staff is carefully trained to handle highly complex and emotional cases. Each professional is dedicated to the physical and emotional well being of sexually abused children. And every last one of us is fighting for a safer tomorrow.

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