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Child abuse has a ripple effect on the entire family. Our Family Advocates stay by our families’ sides for the entire investigative process and beyond.

On the day a child has their forensic interview, they are assigned an advocate who stays with them and their family for as long as needed, supporting them in their journey toward healing. Family advocates work collaboratively with caregivers and the entire multidisciplinary team to ensure kids’ voices are heard and their well-being is protected. They’re our kids’ biggest advocates, making sure that kids remain central to their investigation at every stage in the process.

In many cases, family advocates continue to help families heal after the investigative process is done.

Status Updates & Support

Family advocates provide caregivers with status updates about their investigation and prosecution.

Family advocates provide emotional support for kids and their caregivers as they go through the judicial and child welfare systems. We simulate court hearings using a miniature courtroom setup and dolls to help kids get used to what a real courtroom is like, should they have to testify. Right beside you in solidarity, our advocates attend trials to offer emotional support throughout the legal proceedings.

Your family advocate also acts as a hub for resources, including referrals to medical or mental health care, victim’s compensation assistance, court support, and more.

Additional Assistance

Sometimes families need extra help as they heal. Family advocates get you connected.

Sometimes our families are experiencing a financial crisis and need help with food, clothing, housing, employment, finances, or other basic needs. Family advocates help coordinate services and gather resources to make sure those needs are met so families can focus on healing.

Learn about other services available through Mission Kids

Forensic Interviews

Our child-centered interviews offer a safe place for kids to share their experience, guiding investigators and tailoring services to meet their needs while limiting additional trauma.

Collaborative Services

Uniting top prosecutors, detectives, social workers, pediatricians, and therapists, our multidisciplinary team keeps kids at the center of their investigation.

Family Advocacy

No family should go through a child abuse investigation alone. Mission Kids advocates make sure families are supported at every step.

Medical Services

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mission Kids can provide medical evaluation referrals to top pediatricians.

Mental Health Services

The trauma of child abuse is tricky. Mission Kids’ network connects kids to specialized providers who can guide them to a healthier headspace.

Prevention Education & Training

Mission Kids is a national leader in child abuse prevention for kids, caregivers, and professionals. Click to request a training for your organization.
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