Our Mission is Kids

Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center is changing the way kids rise above the darkness of child abuse.

Our work empowers kids to reclaim their light and shine bright again. We do this through prevention, education, public policy, and a multidisciplinary investigative approach.

Our Mission

Achieving healing and justice for victims of child abuse by providing collaborative services, advocacy, leadership and education.

We will unfailingly serve to protect children and youth from abuse. To do so, we will boldly expand our reach and resources to do whatever is necessary to prevent them from harm, address their physical and emotional needs and achieve justice on their behalf. We will live up to and exceed the uncompromising values and expectations of our founders to serve and protect our community’s own children, while accepting a leadership role that is unencumbered by boundaries and seeks to ensure that the world is a safe and better place for all children.

  • We serve with compassion, empathy, and respect for all.
  • We ensure that the voices of child abuse victims are heard.
  • We are passionate in our pursuit of healing, justice, and abuse prevention.
  • We uphold a culture of excellence and professionalism.
  • We celebrate teamwork, nurture trust, and prioritize self-care.
  • We are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within all that we do.
  • We model effective collaboration across partners.
  • We strive for forward-thinking leadership.
  • We embrace research-based best practices.

Triumph Over Trauma

We help children and their families heal from child abuse.

Imagine reliving the worst day of your life on loop. Now imagine you’re eight years old.

That’s the reality for many child abuse survivors. In the pursuit of prosecution, survivors repeatedly relive their trauma in interviews at hospitals, police departments, and the courtroom. 

Each time they recount their story, healing gets harder and willingness to testify weakens. 

At Mission Kids, our multidisciplinary approach reduces the number of times a kid has to recount their trauma and gives every child a chance to reclaim their childhood.

The child is at the center of everything we do at Mission Kids.


Our work began with the story of one child.

Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center began with the story of one brave child: Sasha Joseph Neulinger.

Sasha endured sexual abuse by several relatives at a very young age. As an adult, he revealed that the pain from the criminal justice process was even worse than the abuse itself.

In 2004, Sasha’s struggle for justice deeply moved our founders, Risa Vetri Ferman and Laurie O’Conner. At the time, Risa was the First Assistant District Attorney of Montgomery County, and Laurie was the Director of the Office of Children and Youth (OCY). Both were all too familiar with the challenges in child abuse investigations.

They knew there had to be a better way—a kid-focused approach that would support both children and their caregivers in their healing journey.

Our History

April 2006
Mission Kids is incorporated as a nonprofit, “Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County
April 2006
Multidisciplinary Team Created
A multidisciplinary force is formed to investigate and prosecute child abuse cases while reducing additional trauma to kids.
December 2007
Board of Directors
Board of Directors is formed, consisting of 18 members
December 2007
September 2009
Doors Open
Doors are opened in a donated 1,800 sq. ft. building with 1 full-time & 3 part-time employees and a budget of $350,000
September 2009
December 2010
First Year
298 children are served in Mission Kids' first full year of operation.
December 2010
August 2012
CAC Accreditation
Full National Accreditation is earned as a Child Advocacy Center from National Children’s Alliance.
August 2012
September 2017
Mission Kids Moves
Serving nearly 600 children per year, Mission Kids moved to a 5,200 sq. ft. facility with 13 full- time employees and a budget of $1.2 million.
September 2017
January 2018
CEO Position
New position of CEO is created as Mission Kids launches its External and Global Affairs Department.
January 2018
July 2018
On-Site Trauma Therapy
On-site trauma therapy for children and their families is provided through partnership with Creative Health Services.
July 2018
September 2019
Prevention Education
Prevention Education Department is launched to teach children in schools about body safety and empower them to speak out against abuse
September 2019
May 2022
Satellite Office
Satellite office is opened in Pottstown, PA to expand accessibility to healing and justice for victims of child abuse in western Montgomery County.
May 2022
June 2023
Promoting Safe Behaviors
"Promoting Safe Behaviors" Program is launched to serve youth with problematic sexualized behavior and their families
June 2023

Making a Difference: By the Numbers

Forensic Interviews
Court Hearing Prep & Support
Mental Health Referrals
Prevention Education Lessons
Medical Referrals

Meet the people behind the passion.

Mission Kids’ staff, led by visionary leaders and comprised of experienced local professionals, is trained to handle complex and emotional cases with care.

Learn about other services available through Mission Kids

Forensic Interviews

Our child-centered interviews offer a safe place for kids to share their experience, guiding investigators and tailoring services to meet their needs while limiting additional trauma.

Collaborative Services

Uniting top prosecutors, detectives, social workers, pediatricians, and therapists, our multidisciplinary team keeps kids at the center of their investigation.

Family Advocacy

No family should go through a child abuse investigation alone. Mission Kids advocates make sure families are supported at every step.

Medical Services

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mission Kids can provide medical evaluation referrals to top pediatricians.

Mental Health Services

The trauma of child abuse is tricky. Mission Kids’ network connects kids to specialized providers who can guide them to a healthier headspace.

Prevention Education & Training

Mission Kids is a national leader in child abuse prevention for kids, caregivers, and professionals. Click to request a training for your organization.
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