Forensic Interviews

The Process

When child abuse is suspected, investigators refer kids for a forensic interview.

Our interview approach helps kids tell their full story while limiting the number of additional interviews that are typically needed.

During the interview, a trained forensic interviewer will ask neutral, legally sound questions to help find the facts. Law enforcement, prosecutors, social workers, and other investigation professionals observe from another room via closed circuit television. Our partners do not participate directly in the forensic interview. Both video and audio are recorded.

These interviews are often a critical piece of both the initial investigation and the criminal prosecution at trial. Additionally, forensic interviewers are often called to provide fact and expert witness testimony in court.

The Team

Mission Kids acts as an investigation center for the multidisciplinary team surrounding a child abuse case.

Along with gathering key information, every member works together to support and protect the physical and emotional well-being of kids. Team members observe but do not participate in the initial forensic interview, helping limit the number of times a kid must relive their trauma.

Teams typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • Social Services
  • Pediatricians
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Forensic Interviewers
  • Family Advocates
The child is at the center of everything we do at Mission Kids.


We believe every kid has a right to tell their story in a way that makes sense for them.

Along with several bilingual professionals on staff, Mission Kids and our partners will do whatever it takes to accommodate barriers or special needs.

Learn about other services available through Mission Kids

Forensic Interviews

When kids need to retell their abuse, Mission Kids’ child-centric interviews help build the strongest case while limiting additional trauma.

Collaborative Services

Uniting top prosecutors, detectives, social workers, pediatricians, and therapists, our multidisciplinary team keeps kids at the center of their investigation.

Family Advocacy

No family should go through a child abuse investigation alone. Mission Kids advocates make sure families are supported at every step.

Medical Services

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mission Kids can provide medical evaluation referrals to top pediatricians.

Mental Health Services

The trauma of child abuse is tricky. Mission Kids’ network connects kids to specialized providers who can guide them to a healthier headspace.

Prevention Education & Training

Mission Kids is a national leader in child abuse prevention for kids, caregivers, and professionals. Click to request a training for your organization.
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