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Across our neighborhoods, our nation, and our world – Mission Kids is fostering advocacy, research, and action for children’s safety and justice.

The External Affairs Department at Mission Kids takes our mission to protect and heal child abuse victims to the global stage. We dive deep into international research studies, seeking out the best ways to heal and safeguard these young survivors. As subject matter experts, we’re not just about collecting data – we’re about sharing our findings far and wide, through presentations and publications that shed light on what works best.

But we don’t stop there.

We’re also on the front lines closer to home, sitting on committees at the local, statewide, and national levels. Why? Because we’re determined to help shape laws that better protect children and bring justice to those who have suffered abuse. At Mission Kids, we’re not just about making a difference – we’re about making sure it counts, wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

We love sharing our expertise and joining research. Have a project or looking for guidance? Let's collaborate for child protection!

Abbie Newman, RN, JD CEO, External and Global Affairs

Research Revolution: Sharing Discoveries, Healing Children Worldwide

At Mission Kids, we dive headfirst into international research studies, searching for the most effective ways to heal and protect child abuse victims. Our discoveries aren’t just tucked away – they’re proudly shared in top-tier journals, spreading knowledge far and wide. As subject matter experts, we’re honored to be sought after, invited to share our findings and program models across the region, state, nation, and even the globe. Passion fuels our mission for change and safety for every child.

Policy Powerhouse: Advocating for Children's Safety and Justice

Mission Kids plays a crucial role in public policy by actively participating in committees at the local, regional, state, and national levels of governance. Through our involvement, we contribute expertise and insights to shape recommendations for improving existing laws or crafting new ones aimed at safeguarding children from abuse and ensuring justice for victims. This engagement allows us to advocate for meaningful changes that can positively impact the lives of vulnerable children across different jurisdictions.

Learn about other services available through Mission Kids

Forensic Interviews

When kids need to retell their abuse, Mission Kids’ child-centric interviews help build the strongest case while limiting additional trauma.

Collaborative Services

Uniting top prosecutors, detectives, social workers, pediatricians, and therapists, our multidisciplinary team keeps kids at the center of their investigation.

Family Advocacy

No family should go through a child abuse investigation alone. Mission Kids advocates make sure families are supported at every step.

Medical Services

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mission Kids can provide medical evaluation referrals to top pediatricians.

Mental Health Services

The trauma of child abuse is tricky. Mission Kids’ network connects kids to specialized providers who can guide them to a healthier headspace.

Prevention Education & Training

Mission Kids is a national leader in child abuse prevention for kids, caregivers, and professionals. Click to request a training for your organization.
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