Not a Number

Designed for ages 12-18, ‘Not a Number’ is an interactive program preventing child trafficking. Participants learn to recognize risks, challenge stereotypes, and build support networks. 


Age Level



(5) 60-Minute Lessons


In-Classroom, Interactive

About the Lesson

Not a Number is an interactive child trafficking and exploitation prevention curriculum designed to provide youth ages 12-18 with information and skills in a manner that inspires them to make safe choices when they encounter potentially exploitative situations and utilize healthy support systems that may decrease their vulnerabilities

The ‘Not A Number’ program is structured to take place over (5) 60-minute time blocks. Over the 5 sessions, a certified Facilitator creates the space for instruction and honest dialogue with young people on topics such as: human trafficking, exploitation, abuse, vulnerability, and violence, allowing teens to gain knowledge and skills to advocate for themselves and others.

Through open conversations, engaging activities, the use of media, and opportunities for self-disclosure, participants will:

  • Raise their awareness of what constitutes human trafficking and exploitation.
  • Learn how to recognize recruitment tactics and understand vulnerabilities.
  • Challenge harmful stereotypes and societal attitudes.
  • Identify healthy support systems.
  • Develop skills to safely navigate potential and existing exploitative situations.
  • Learn how to access community resources when situations occur that increase their vulnerability (or if exploitation is already underway).

Intended Audience

  • Youth ages 12-18, including male, female, and youth that identify as LGBTQ. The curriculum is applicable across all gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Youth with high-risk indicators such as involvement with systems (juvenile justice, child welfare), history of abuse and/or neglect, exposure to violence, risky sexual behavior on- and offline, and history of alcohol or substance use will particularly benefit.

Bring Not a Number to your school.

To learn more about the program and how to bring it to your school, contact:

Michelle McDyre
Director of Prevention Education
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