Teen Safety Matters

Teen Safety MattersĀ® is a comprehensive prevention education program designed for middle school students in grades 6-8 and high school students in grades 9-12.


Age Level

Grades 6-12


(2) 60 Minutes Lessons


In-Classroom, Interactive

About the Lesson

The program aims to educate and empower teenagers and relevant adults on preventing, recognizing, and appropriately responding to various issues such as bullying, cyberbullying, abuse, relationship abuse, digital dangers, exploitation, and human trafficking.

Middle School Edition

The Middle School Edition consists of two 60-minute lessons (or four shorter lessons) for each grade, covering topics like cyberbullying, digital abuse and safety, digital self-awareness, digital self-management, and digital citizenship.

High School Edition

The High School Edition also comprises two 60-minute lessons (or four shorter lessons) for grades 9-12, with a focus on physical and emotional safety. Topics covered include physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, relationship abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. The program can be presented in individual classrooms for middle school or in blended grade classrooms for high school.

Why We Love It

Bring Teen Safety Matters to your school.

To learn more about the program and how to bring it to your child's school, contact:

Michelle McDyre
Director of Prevention Education
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