Mission Kids Supports Marsy’s Law

Guardian of Victim’s Rights Award Ceremony

On Thursday March 7th, CEO Abbie Newman, Executive Director Leslie Slingsby, and Maggie Sweeney Program Manager of Mission Kids joined advocates at the Guardian of Victims’ Rights Awards ceremony to show support for Marcy Toepel, State Representative in the 147th district serving Montgomery County. The award was given to supporters of Marsy’s Law which gives victims equal rights in the criminal justice process.

Pennsylvania is one of 9 states that does not provide constitutional protections for crime victims but does for the accused and convicted.

Marsy’s Law seeks to amend the Pennsylvania constitution already in place to give victims a chance to:

  • receive information about their rights and available services
  • receive notification of proceedings and major developments in the criminal case
  • receive timely notifications/ changes to the custodial status
  • be present at court proceedings
  • provide input to the prosecutor before a plea agreement is finalized
  • be heard at plea, sentencing proceedings or any process that may result in the offender’s release
  • restitution

As educators and supporters of the protection of victims of abuse, Mission Kid’s supports Marsy’s Law in creating a balance in justice by giving victims a chance to be aware of their own rights.

For more information about Marsy’s Law Click here