Now Hiring: Full-Time Forensic Interviewer

Job: Forensic Interviewer (Full-Time)

Mission Kids is hiring a Forensic Interviewer, who will be responsible for conducting non-leading, child friendly, developmentally appropriate interview of children affected by sexual and physical abuse for Mission Kids. The Forensic Interviewer is also responsible for the facilitation and promotion of a team investigation approach of child abuse cases.

Essential Duties & Tasks include:

  • Interviewing children, as well as adults with disabilities, who have potentially been victimized or witnessed a crime or violence.
  • Responsible for following the National Child Advocacy Center’s (NCAC) protocol for interviewing children who are suspected victims of child abuse (sexual or physical) and witnesses of abuse or violence
  • Testify in civil and criminal court proceedings as required.
  • Function as an effective member and facilitator of a multi-disciplinary team including law enforcement personnel, case workers, prosecutors, medical and mental health personnel.


  • Bachelor’s Degree plus 5 years experience in a field that would prepare the candidate for interviewing suspected victims of child physical or sexual abuse. Master’s Degree preferred
  • Experience working with victims of child sexual abuse, physical abuse and family violence.
  • Preferred training in nationally approved child sexual abuse interview model.
  • Preferred experience testifying in court
  • Must have valid driver’s license or ability to get to programs at various locations
  • Successful completion of background checks which include child abuse history, criminal history and FBI clearances, with no criminal history.

Click here for the Full Job Description.

If you are interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Mission Kids is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring practices.


By icgsuper

Jul 01, 2019


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