Safe Touches Campaign

Safe Touches is an evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention education workshop for children in 2nd grade

The Lesson

Trained facilitators use puppets to provide children with evidence-based and developmentally- appropriate content about body safety while explaining what they can do if they, or someone they know, ever feel unsafe.

During these lessons, children learn:

  • The parts of the body that are considered private
  • The difference between safe and not safe touches
  • What to do if a child feels unsafe, confused or receives a not safe touch
  • Abuse is never the child’s fault
  • Not safe touches can happen to boys, girls and all children
  • A person that a child knows and loves can give them a not safe touch

Why we love it

  • Fun and interactive use of puppets
  • Classroom-based
  • 60-minute workshop
  • Students receive an Activity Booklet to complete with caregiver(s)
  • Students are taught body safety concepts and tools they can use to protect themselves from sexual abuse

To learn more about the Safe Touches program and how it can be brought to your school or organization, please contact Mission Kids’ Director of Prevention Education, Michelle McDyre at