Mission Kids Young Professionals Group

Mission Kids Young Professionals Group (YPG)

We’re looking for a group of driven individuals in their 20s and 30s with an affinity for taking on difficult social issues and being a part of the solution to ending child abuse to join our YPG. Members will play an active role in furthering Mission Kids’ work through education, advocacy, fundraising, and developing strategic partnerships.

Ready to apply for Mission Kids’ YPG?

About Mission Kids YPG

What are the membership requirements?
  • $100 annual membership fee
  • Regular attendance at quarterly meetings
  • Attend social events, fundraisers, educational and advocacy events
  • Leverage personal/professional networks
  • Act as ambassadors for the organization and network to expedite organizational growth
  • Recruit and engage young volunteers and donors
  • Introduce new technology that can streamline the organization’s processes
  • Support social media marketing efforts and campaigns
  • Participate in required training to help recognize and respond/prevent child abuse
Who is an ideal candidate?

Mission Kids is seeking candidates ages 21-40 who live and/or work in Montgomery County with an interest in actively participating in philanthropy and awareness to end child abuse. Ideal candidates are are well-rounded in both experience and skill sets. Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation can assist in making our mission successful. Diversity in experience, age, background, and skills all help reflect the community Mission Kids serves.

  • Leadership experience: We’re looking for individuals who will be comfortable taking on a leadership role in the YPG, prior experience is a bonus. This could include anyone who’s been a part of a student government organization, participated in a junior advocacy group, or held some other leadership position.
  • Marketing and networking skills: we are looking for young professionals who will be ambassadors for our brand and our organization. We are looking for professionals who will represent our organization well and are willing to put the time into promoting our organization through your networks.
What are the benefits of joining Mission Kids’ Young Professionals Group?
  • Access to a network of community leaders who believe in preventing child abuse so that children in our community can grow up happy and healthy
  • Professional development and access to presentations and mentorship by influential leaders in various fields. These events help form valuable connections, as well as exclusive access to and facilitated thoughtful exchanges between our members and regional innovators
  • Opportunity to work with a successful nonprofit and contribute to local impact
  • Opportunities to hold leadership positions within the council
  • Fun networking events
  • Recognition on Mission Kids’ website
  • Meaningful and fulfilling work that directly impacts the lives and healing of children who have experienced abuse in Montgomery County
What is the financial expectation?

While members pay an annual membership fee of $100 which benefits our Mission Fund, we also encourage members to help leverage their networks to help support Mission Kids financially. An important part of the Young Professionals Group is reaching out to your networks to invite others to events and spread the word about Mission Kids. We do ask that members are comfortable reaching out to and making “asks” of their networks.

What does my membership fee go towards?

Mission Kids Mission Fund – The mission fund is a dedicated funding aimed at providing essential support for child abuse victims by covering their basic needs expenses. This fund recognizes the critical importance of addressing the immediate needs of these vulnerable children, ensuring their safety and well-being. By covering expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education, the mission fund aims to alleviate the burdens faced by child abuse victims and enable them to rebuild their lives with a sense of stability and hope. 

How often and in what format will this group meet?

Mission Kids YPG will meet quarterly, in a hybrid format.